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I'm pretty sure most people already know about these shimeji things (even though I only found out about two days ago, hurr). However, if you do not yet know of them, you can learn about them from this forum topic and also find links to MOAR shimeji.

So after downloading and lulzing about a bunch of these things, I made one of my favourite fanart topic.
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Apparently the influence of [ profile] fandomsecrets is great, since I tried to read Homestuck due to the billion or so secrets about it that get posted (though they've been dwindling recently). I am not sure what to make of this.

I tried to read from the beginning, but it is boring. It's almost a chore to read the beginning of that, especially the tl;dr pesterlogs. However, I skipped ahead a few(hundred) pages and got to a part about trolls which was actually more interesting. The only problem now is that I have no idea what is going on because I didn't read it all from the start. Haha, I'm dumb.

But really, I can't get past the start where the kid's in his house on his birthday and such. I tried a couple of times but by the time he goes downstairs I usually end up switching tabs and then forgetting about it.

This thing, ughhh.
I will try again tomorrow and maybe this time without skipping to where Aradia appears, lol.

Anybody else read it? If so, what do you think of it?
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Oh hi fandom, long time no see.

I drew Envy again.

'Tis SFW, it's just a shirtless dude. :V

Hei gaiz look what I drew )

Ridiculous tags ftw
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I mentioned previously that I had planned on watching The Human Centipede. I also said I would write about it once I saw it.

Well, I did watch it on Tuesday, when the video store was supposed to get it in. Funny thing happened there. My mother, sister, and I went in and an employee was handing out flyers and asked if we were looking for something. So we specified what we were there for and the employee told us "You don't want to see that!". I was actually surprised by this. I've had store employees say a movie was bad before, but never have they outright told me that I should not or do not want to watch a movie. Of course, this only fed my curiosity about this horrible, shocking, disturbing tale. Haha, oh wow.

So we rented it, after listening to the same employee talk about how horrible the movie was. My sister didn't watch it, but my mother and I did. In the end, neither of us thought it was as mind-scarring as everyone and their brother made it out to be. I kinda feel like a sicko for even saying that I didn't find the movie that disturbing, but I'd be lying if I said otherwise. Perhaps I've just been too desensitized. Or people just like to over-hype these things.

~Shocking edginess~ aside, the concept here was indeed original, if gross. It's an interesting twist on the "Mad Scientist" trope, to say the least.

The acting wasn't the best, the story lost momentum in the middle, the characters were kind of stupid sometimes, and there were some very illogical moments. All in all, I think it tries to rely on the shock-factor far too much so the plot suffers a bit because of it. It could have been better, but at the same time it probably could have been worse.



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