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This past week or so has been awesome, ALLOW ME TO ANNOY YOU WITH IT.

Dude, I have had so much pepsi. I don't even like it, my grandpa does. He was over on Saturday because that's when we celebrated Father's Day since my dad works Sundays, so we bought Papa some pepsi. He left and didn't take it with him and didn't actually want to, so now we have it and we're not wasting it, sooo. Egh, pepsi.

He also forgot his pimp-hat. :V It's pretty stylin'.

Actual-Father's Day was more Star Wars-y, since there was a Return of the Jedi watch-a-long that day, which was awesome and lolzy. Also [ profile] solidfoamsoul is awesome for arranging it.

Holy crap, Firefox, why is Jedi not in your word list? Adding.

Anyway, linguaphile-ness ahead.

I finally managed to do a properly rolled "r" today. 8D

I've only been able to imitate the sound slightly without vibrating the tongue, which is wrong. But today I finally did the vibration right, hawhaw. Now I can actually pronounce the languages I've been learning correctly, such as Finnish (and Sweeeedish).

They just sound stupid with a fakey-trilled r and I felt like a big dummy for never getting it right. I'm still doing it too hard though, but I think I can learn to soften it since I finally managed to do it at all, ha. And now I must attempt to teach my sister this, as she is probably going to be taking Spanish as her High School foreign language.

I have also taken up some interest in Xhosa today. Xhosa is a South African language of the Bantu family which uses clicks. They're denoted with c, x, and q in writing.

I have found an interesting video about learning to make these sounds:
"Xhosa Lesson 2. How to say "click" sounds."

And one where you can hear the language spoken properly with an English translation:
"Clicking With Xhosa"
That click he makes when he's speaking English is a name, btw.

I probably won't even take up this language further, I just find the foreign sounds fascinating.

My family is probably not very happy with me going RRRRRRRRRRR and *clickclickclick* all day though, lol. No one here likes to talk about languages. /forever alone

Other than that, I've mostly been up to school work, as usual. In fact, I was doing sketches for a storyboard project just a while ago for an assignment. Should get back to that.


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