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I'm pretty sure most people already know about these shimeji things (even though I only found out about two days ago, hurr). However, if you do not yet know of them, you can learn about them from this forum topic and also find links to MOAR shimeji.

So after downloading and lulzing about a bunch of these things, I made one of my favourite fanart topic.


Important note about the Zip file: It compresses the files funny and changes a couple of the names. To make the shimeji from the Zip work, you need to rename those files.
In the shimeji's folder, you will find another folder called "conf". Inside of that, are two .xml files.

One file is 42 kb. Rename it to 動作
The other is about 10 kb. Rename that to 行動

Envy will work properly after that.

If you already know about shimeji, you should also already know how they work. If you don't, the download includes a ReadMe with some instructions and other information.

Also, these are not compatible with Mac computers.

Another cool thing is that you can have more than one character out at once.


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