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Heyo, me again, here to blab over fandom and school as per usual.

So, with Oblivion being massively popular and making game-of-the-year a while back and Skyrim on the horizon... I am still playing Morrowind. :B

I don't care though, it's still awesome and thanks to certain mods and tweaks, I have managed to make it look nearly as good as OB. But being the massive fantard I am, I had to create a mod that merges FMA with Morrowind (Oh glorious lore-breaking) and of course I want to show it off SOME MOAR because I am quite proud of the work I managed with it. teehee

Anyway~ Homunculi have been made a playable race, but there's a severely limited choice of what Homunculi you can play, because this is still a WIP. You can be Lust, Greed, Envy, or Fem!Envy (for the lulz) and the first three have also been added as NPC vendors. I mentioned them in a previous journal, but I have been tweaking things and updating and changing textures; plus last time I only provided an Envy screenshot and this time I have all three(four) of them.

Envy (player character wearing different clothes; also needs a new hair mesh)
Fem-Envy (player character not available as an NPC, but lulzy still)
Greed (player, once again, wearing non-FMA clothes)
Lust (NPC, I still need to add her Ouroborus)

(lol, hey Admia you will need to update your beta version of this.)

Any suggestions or critiques would be good (and I already know Envy's hair isn't right, hurr. I fix later).

In my last F-locked post, I babbled something about taking college placement and expecting ACT scores because I need to graduate with 24 credits by the end of June. So far so good, I guess. Today starts the second semester for which I will have to work lots and lots, but I'll get over it.

I got my ACT scores back. I actually did quite exceptionally in nearly everything except for Mathematics (I frikkin' knew it). Because of that, I still want to take the CPT to make up for my crap maths score. I can get into good college classes with my English, Reading and Science scores though. This will have to wait because the local community college still has absolutely no idea what to do with or how to register students from my school and they haven't contacted me, so this still kind of sucks (I need dual enrolment to get enough credits for graduation because of how the schoolboard here screwed up my transcript during Freshman year). So yeah. :/

Oh well, enough whining.
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