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Oh hi fandom, long time no see.

I drew Envy again.

'Tis SFW, it's just a shirtless dude. :V

(Can now be viewed on DA, here)

There's actually a reason for this. See, I was drawing this for a friend as an extra birthday gift because the other thing I drew was already belated and I felt bad. So anyway, I thought I'd get some critique (maybe) on this before I go crazy colouring/shading it because I want everything to be ~perfect~. </obnoxious perfectionism>

Oh, and the stuff he's holding is supposed to be philosopher's stones/blood. It's artsy, see?

Also, apologies if you had to see this more than once. Cross-posted to [ profile] envy_fans and [ profile] fm_alchemist.

Ridiculous tags ftw
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